The 25 Greatest Rock Singers of All Time

25 Greatest Rock Singers of All Time

Rock music is often considered as one of the most important musical genres of the twentieth century. It has inspired several generations of young people and has been a significant element in various youth culture movements. Our today’s compilation discusses the 25 greatest singers in the history of rock music. The ranking criteria and weighting scale are based on vocal abilities, expressiveness, songwriting prowess, showmanship, and longevity.

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1- Robert Plant

2- Freddie Mercury

3- Jim Morrison

4- Roger Daltrey

5- John Lennon

6- Mick Jagger

7- Ian Gillan

8- Janis Joplin

9- Lou Reed

10- Don Henley

11- Chris Cornell

12- Jeff Buckley

13- Axl Rose

14- James Hetfield

15- Joey Ramone

16- Eric Burdon

17- Bon Scott

18- Bruce Springsteen

19- Kurt Cobain

20- Johnny Lydon

21- Steven Tyler

22- David Bowie

23- Elton John

24- Bono

25- Iggy Pop